Dr Amine MAKNI

chirurgie esthétique en tunisie

Dr Amine MAKNI

Digestive, Visceral and Morbid Obesity Surgeon

Obesity / Bariatric Surgery
General Surgery


Dr Amine Makni is a digestive, visceral, and morbid obesity surgeon making a significant impact in the medical field in Tunisia. As a professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis, he shares his expertise, training the next generation of healthcare professionals. Concurrently, he raises the standard of medical care as a hospital practitioner at CHU la Rabta. His commitment to excellence also extends to the International Hospital Center of Tunis ‘CARTHAGENE’, where he serves as an attached practitioner. Dr Amine Makni is recognized as an international expert in laparoscopy, having received accreditation from ‘COVIDIEN’ laboratories. He is also the founder and coordinator of the bariatric and metabolic surgery unit, demonstrating his dedication to holistically and advancedly managing morbid obesity.


Dr Amine Makni is a renowned expert in bariatric and morbid obesity surgery with solid training from leading institutions across Europe. His studies at Antonio Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, Italy, introduced him to the challenges of severe obesity and the importance of surgical interventions in this context. He refined his skills at the Clinique Saint-Pierre in Brussels, Belgium, under the supervision of Pr. G-B CADIERE, focusing on laparoscopic surgery. Additionally, his training at the Medtronic Innovation Center in Istanbul, Turkey, allowed him to stay at the forefront of medical technologies in the field of obesity surgery.

Dr Makni also gained valuable experience at the AZ Sint-Jan Hospital in Bruges, Belgium, under the direction of Pr. B Dillemans. His journey reflects his commitment to improving care for patients with morbid obesity using advanced techniques and innovative approaches.