Buttock lipofilling or implants?

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Over the last few years we’ve seen a new trend in aesthetics: the JLO buttocks. It’s a trend that’s spread beyond Hollywood stars to anyone who’s concerned about their appearance. Driven by recurring posts on Instagram and reality TV shows, this trend is not about to run out of steam or go out of fashion. Tunisia is no exception! However, not all women naturally have this physical appeal, but fortunately today there are solutions to achieve this harmonious curve! The invasive method remains the most widespread and the one that guarantees the best results: Buttock augmentation by buttock lipofilling or buttock implants in Tunisia.

At my health trip, Dr Moez Kallel has been performing these two procedures for several years and has hundreds of success stories to his name, including some of the best results in cosmetic buttock surgery in Tunisia. But first :

Understanding buttock lipofilling

Buttock lipofilling is an operation under general anaesthetic, lasting two to three hours, which has been performed for years in Tunisia. It combines :

Light to major liposuction of areas that give fat (stomach, knees, saddlebags, thighs, belly) or any other unsightly bulge that bothers the patient.
The treatment is followed by the reinjection of this same fat in the form of microbeads of fatty tissue.
Dr Moez Kallel injects the required quantity of fat over the entire recipient area.
The injected cells are distributed over the entire buttock area so that the grafted cells are in contact with capillaries capable of supplying them with the oxygen and nutrients they need to remain stable. The fat injected is perfectly tolerated by the body, and there is no risk of rejection.
Dr Moez Kallel recommends injecting a maximum of 1000cc of fat in a single session to avoid any risk of necrosis.

Understanding buttock implants

Buttock implants are also designed to increase the volume of the buttocks, but unlike lipofilling, this is an augmentation involving the insertion of implants rather than the injection of one’s own fat. It is also an operation performed under general anaesthetic, lasting approximately two hours and widely practised in Tunisia.
Lying on the stomach, the patient is incised either in the furrow between the buttocks or above the buttocks. The implants used are silicone gel prostheses specially designed for the buttocks and adapted to the constraints of sitting.
You have two choices: Either the round prosthesis or the anatomically shaped one. Both have different volumes, with a maximum of 450cc per unit. The choice is made in consultation with Dr Moez Kallel, face-to-face in Tunisia, based on the shape of the buttocks and the patient’s expectations.

What are the results of these two operations?

During lipofilling of the buttocks, depending on the patient, some of the fatty tissue will set in and some will reabsorb. In the end, i.e. 6 to 8 months after the operation, 30% of the injected volume is lost, while the rest is permanent.

When buttock implants are inserted, the final result is obtained after one month, when the oedema has completely subsided. All the volume implanted remains intact. The incision scar takes on its final appearance after 12 months.

As with any foreign body, whether the operation is carried out in Tunisia or elsewhere, the life of a buttock implant is not eternal and lasts on average 10 years. Regular monitoring can detect any rupture.

What to expect postoperatively?
For buttock lipofilling, the post-operative period does not present any notable complications, but certain simple rules must still be followed: avoid exposure to the sun, do lymphatic drainage, avoid any pressure on the buttocks, and wear a girdle.

In the case of implants, the post-operative period requires greater involvement, in particular nursing care of the scar, taking painkillers and anticoagulants for 15 days, increased monitoring of the haematoma, and avoiding any pressure on the buttocks for a month.

What choice should I make: buttock lipofilling or buttock implants?

Each procedure has its advantages.

For lipofilling :

The patient’s entire figure is harmonised as a result of the liposuction/injection combination, not just the shape of the buttocks.
The results look and feel very natural, and the incisions are virtually invisible.
No foreign bodies introduced.
Very easy post-operative care, with little or no pain.

For buttock implants :

The only operation possible for slim patients.
The buttocks are more rounded and curved upwards.
No reduction or loss of volume over time.
Impression of a harder, more muscular buttock.

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