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It’s fascinating to see how quickly beauty standards are changing. Just a decade ago, skinny models were the norm, but today the hourglass body with a slim waist and shapely hips has become the new standard of femininity and sensuality.

The Tunisian Trend : Lipofilling of the hips

In the world of cosmetic surgery, the trend is growing all the time. Lipofilling of the hips in Tunisia is the new fashionable surgery for obtaining the dream figure you’ve been longing for.

The expertise of Dr Moez Kallel at Mon Voyage Santé

Dr Moez Kallel, at Mon Voyage Santé, has been performing hip lipofilling for several years in Tunisia, offering an effective solution for sculpting the figure according to the latest beauty standards.

The hip lipofilling process

Discover the steps involved in this aesthetic transformation:

  • Fat harvesting: Liposuction targets the waist, back, or other donor areas to obtain the necessary fat.
  • Shaping the silhouette: The fat removed is used to hollow the waist and reshape the hips, creating the hourglass shape so sought-after.
  • Precise injection: The fat is evenly reinjected between the two flanks to obtain shapely hips.

Post-op: advice and precautions

After the operation, a recovery period is necessary. Follow these simple tips for optimal results:

  • Anticoagulants : Anticoagulant injections for 8 days are recommended.
  • Avoid any pressure on the hips for the first 2 months.
  • No sporting activities for one month to ensure optimal recovery.

Results and safety : The choice of confidence

Although hip lipofilling in Tunisia is a safe procedure, choosing a surgeon you can trust is essential. At Mon Voyage Santé and with Dr Moez Kallel, you are working with leading experts in cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, guaranteeing success and well-being. Refine your figure with confidence thanks to the hip lipofilling offered by Mon Voyage Santé, where expertise and professionalism meet !

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