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My Medical Stay

Plan a trip to the south of Tunisia or choose to visit the medina of Tunis or discover the mythical village of Sidi Bou Saïd. Simply consider these activities before your arrival, with the assistance of our agency.


Approximately 2h30 travel from the European capitals, along the Mediterranean, lies a region of civilizational crossroads. This land has been the passage of Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Arabs, Andalusians, and Turks over the centuries.

In our small country, you have the ability to easily go from the sea to the mountains. From the mountains to the Sahara. From the Sahara to the green valleys up to the olive groves. A multitude of combinations are available to you!

With its Mediterranean climate, fine, soft, white sand, and crystal-clear waters. One of Tunisia’s greatest advantages is the splendor of its beaches.

Tunisia also offers an open-air historical record. With more than 3000 years of history. A major destination for cultural tourism.

You will have the opportunity to explore the most significant collection of mosaics in the world. To discover a multitude of ancient sites and preserved medinas.

Lovers of good food will remember the delights of a cuisine rich in flavors, spices, and sun-drenched fruits.






In an environment conducive to rest and visual beauty,
“Mon Voyage Santé” has selected for its patients the RAMADA PLAZA
hotel by the sea, facing the Mediterranean…







Located in Gammarth, the CARTHAGE THALASSO Resort is in
the northern suburbs of Tunis, by the sea. To re-energize the body and
spirit, one discovers a world of well-being…




Our partner: Carthagène Clinic
The international hospital center CARTAGENE is located in Tunis, at the Centre Urbain Nord, near Tunis-Carthage Airport and enjoys privileged access to all directions of Greater Tunis.


N°1 Initial contact:

  • You fill out the contact page questionnaire.
  • An assistant will be assigned to you and will answer all your questions.
  • A medical file will be prepared and submitted to your doctor.

N°2 Review of the file by the doctor:

A quote will be sent to you within 48 hours specifying:

  • The procedures or medical act will be based on your situation as well as the duration of your stay.

N°3 Choosing the date of your stay:

  • You set a date for your trip that needs to be approved by your assistant according to the doctor’s schedule.
  • Once the date is validated, a deposit and plane ticket will be required to confirm your stay.

N°4 Arrival in Tunis:

  • Upon your arrival at Tunis Carthage airport, we will take care of you and your support.
  • Your stay at the clinic and the hotel will be full board.

N°5 Medical stay:

A preoperative consultation with your surgeon and anesthetist will be necessary before any surgery. A paramedical team will carefully monitor your well-being, and your assistant will visit you at least twice a day.

N°6 Hotel stay and sightseeing:

If your health condition allows it and with the doctor’s agreement, your assistant will accompany you to the hotel and will be delighted to show you the most beautiful sites of Tunis.

N°7 Departure:

  • MVS will accompany you to Tunis Carthage airport and assist you during the check-in procedures.
  • Beyond the borders, we will continue to reach out to you and remain at your disposal and listening.