Difference between breast lift and breast augmentation

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Developed in the early 1960s in the United States, aesthetic breast surgery is performed on all patients with underdeveloped breasts who wish to improve their physical appearance. Over the last few decades, interest in sculpting the ideal shape of the breasts has grown, as evidenced by advertisements, posters and photos on social networks. But achieving voluptuous breasts with well-developed cleavage requires surgery, either breast augmentation or a breast lift.

Often, by undergoing cosmetic breast surgery in Tunisia, our patients not only radically change their appearance, but also boost their morale and self-confidence.
A radical change takes place!
Behind this change there are people you can trust: Dr Moez Kallel, in partnership with my health trip to Tunisia, is offering you this opportunity to have your operation under the best possible conditions and to be accompanied every step of the way.

What do these operations involve?

Breast augmentation is cosmetic surgery under general anaesthetic performed in Tunisia by Dr Moez Kallel. It lasts between one and two hours.
It consists of inserting silicone gel breast prostheses. The aim is to modify the shape of the breasts, their contour and their volume.

Breast lifting is also a cosmetic surgery under general anaesthetic widely practised in Tunisia by Dr Moez Kallel. It also lasts between one and two hours.
It consists of returning the nipple to a higher position, lifting the mammary gland and removing excess skin. The aim is to correct sagging breasts and reshape them.

There is a combined operation where breast implants are fitted along with a breast lift. This is when the patient has suffered a significant loss of volume coupled with sagging. What you need to know is that breast implants alone will not firm or reshape the breasts.
Worse still, in the long term, it will increase the sagging even more. So if the breasts are losing firmness, breast augmentation must be combined with a breast lift.

Indications : Who is it for?

Breast augmentation is recommended for all women wishing to have fuller breasts, those who have lost volume following weight loss or pregnancy, those who have had their breasts removed and those who have a difference in volume between the two breasts.

The breast lift is recommended for all women with sagging breasts that lack firmness, those who have suffered sagging and those with a nativelly asymmetric height.

How does breast augmentation work ?

There are several types and sizes of prosthesis available for breast augmentation. Once in Tunisia, Dr Moez Kallel will advise you and help you choose the one best suited to your physiognomy and expectations.
Once under anaesthetic, the patient will receive the chosen prosthesis either via the axilla, under the breast or via the lower hemi-areolar region.

What about a breast lift ?

For a breast lift, there are no foreign bodies. Dr Moez Kallel makes the incisions, lifts the patient’s mammary gland and then removes the excess skin around the nipple. He refocuses the skin on the new position of the mammary gland. Finally, he sutures the incisions using sutures.

What results can I expect?

For breast augmentation, you will be able to appreciate the final result once the oedema has subsided, i.e. after six months. The volume will not diminish over time, but the prosthesis will sag a little, giving an even more natural look over time.
As with any breast prosthesis, in Tunisia or elsewhere, the lifespan is between 10 and 15 years, and it is advisable to have regular check-ups to detect any rupture.

For a breast lift, you can also appreciate the final result after six months, when the breasts will take on their definitive shape, with higher, more symmetrical nipples and a firmer curve. Generally speaking, the breasts will look younger.
If the patient avoids major weight variations and maintains a balanced lifestyle, the results of the operation will be definitive.


If you are interested in having breast surgery in Tunisia, you should work with major players in the medical sector. This will ensure that your stay and operation are as stress-free as possible. Mon voyage santé, in partnership with Dr Moez Kallel, has hundreds of successful operations and satisfied patients to its credit all over the world!

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