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Baldness, or even limited hair loss, is particularly resented and resented by men and women alike. Although it’s not a disease, it’s often seen as an inevitability. But solutions do exist: Some are more gentle, such as the use of essential oils, while others require medical supervision, such as topical or oral medication. However, one solution in particular stands out from the crowd because its effectiveness is guaranteed and is becoming increasingly widespread: hair transplants.

Hair transplantation in Tunisia is a drastic solution that can restore healthy, denser hair in just a few months.

What is a hair transplant ?

The principle of hair transplantation in Tunisia is to remove hair from the basal region of the skull, where hair does not fall out because it is immune to DHT (the major cause of baldness), and transplant it to balding areas.
Two techniques have been developed:
FUT means follicular unit transplantation and FUE this signifies follicular unit extraction.
The difference between these two techniques lies in the way the grafts are harvested and the results obtained.
The FUE method is less invasive, gives more promising long-term results and is the most widely used technique worldwide.
For all these reasons, Doctor Slim Kassar only performs this hair transplant technique in Tunisia.

How does the operation work?

Hair transplantation in Tunisia, using the FUE technique, is performed under local anesthetic. It lasts between 4 and 6 hours, and one or more sessions may be required to achieve a suitable density.
For this operation, Dr. Slim Kassar extracts the grafts follicular unit by follicular unit using a micro-punch measuring between 0.8 and 0.9 millimeters in diameter.
He then implants them very quickly, taking care to ensure that they are evenly distributed over the entire recipient area, following the natural direction and orientation of hair growth.
A small crust will form on each implant, which will fall off after about two weeks. This will cause the implanted hair to fall out and grow back around the 3rd month.

Why choose FUE?

FUE is reserved for mild to moderate baldness. This technique enables an average of 500 follicular units (around 1,500 hairs) to be harvested per session.
The technique requires no cuts or sutures, so there’s no scarring and no post-operative discomfort. In fact, total healing is achieved in just 20 days.
Over the long term, this method gives the best results and avoids any discomfort for the patient.
Allow 2 to 8 days off work, however, and you’ll be able to appreciate the results of your hair transplant in Tunisia after 6 months.

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