How to choose breast implants ?

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First, a brief background: breast prostheses are medical devices created in 1962 in the United States to modify the size, shape and contour of the breasts.
Since then, they have been constantly improved to offer patients the most pleasant and reassuring experience possible.
Today in Tunisia, we can pride ourselves on using the latest generation of breast prostheses with high performance and optimal rendering.


The purpose of envelope texturing is to create a bond between the breast prosthesis and the surrounding tissue. As a result, there are two textures:

  • Smooth: These are breast forms with a smooth surface that do not adhere to the surrounding tissue. Their retention depends solely on their own resistance, the quality of the surrounding skin and their position behind or in front of the pectoral muscle.
    This texture makes breasts more mobile and supple.
  • Textured : These are breast prostheses with a rough surface that form a real bond with the surrounding tissue. There is therefore no excessive displacement or rotation of the prosthesis on itself. There are also two variants of this texture:
  • Micro-textured breast prostheses: Closer to smooth prostheses than to macro-textured ones, they are recognized for reducing the risk of shell formation.
    This texture remains mandatory if the anatomical shape is chosen.
    This texture makes the breasts less mobile and less supple.
    Macro-textured breast prostheses: with their very strong texturing, these prostheses have been withdrawn from the market as a precautionary measure, as they have been implicated in the occurrence of rejection and lymphoma.


The volume of breast implants is described in cubic centimetres or “cc”. It’s not always easy to decide on the desired volume based on figures, which is why you’ll have to test the prostheses with a trial bra before your operation.


Characterizes the depth projection of your décolleté. This is the characteristic that determines your final cup size. There are 4 profiles: from low to very high.
The higher the projection, the higher the cup and the less natural the result. So there’s a compromise to be made between :

  • Low profile : Ideal in cases of sagging to define the contours of the breasts. Cleavage will be medium.
  • Moderate profile: Gives a curved, natural look. The neckline will be intermediate.
  • High profile : Gives a rather natural, rounded appearance. The décolleté will be impressive.
    Very high profile: Gives an unnatural, plunging look. The décolleté will be imposing.


  • The round shape: Does not fear rotation of the prosthesis on itself. It gives a very natural shape when the profile is not very high, and adds volume to the upper part of the breast.
    It’s the only shape that creates an imposing décolleté.
  • The anatomical shape: thanks to their irregular teardrop shape, they enhance the curvature of the lower part of the breast. This shape gives very natural results, whatever the profile chosen, as the décolleté is less full than with round prostheses. They are used for patients who don’t want too much volume in the upper third of the breast, and for breast reconstruction after cancer.

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